David's "oath of the Horatii": what symbols the artist encoded in the Patriotic Manifesto
In 1785, visitors to the Paris salon were shocked by the painting of David - "the Oath of the Horatii", which later became a masterpiece of Neoclassicism. The canvas contains…

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How the Golden age changed the world, or what was revived in the Renaissance
Renaissance (Renaissance) - an era that replaced the middle ages and preceded the New time. It is characterized by a sharp jump in the development of all spheres of social…

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How the world's most famous paintings were created: Intriguing stories of paintings by great artists
Gregory Landau, a journalist and philosopher, once said: "Art is a dialogue in which the interlocutor is silent." Painting is a subtle art, allegorical, emotional, giving freedom in interpretation. This…

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The mystery of the ancient ceremony in Bridgman’s painting: “the Procession of the bull Anubis»:

Frederick Arthur Bridgman is one of the most popular orientalist painters. He created a canvas that takes the viewer back to the times of Ancient Egypt. What secrets of the Egyptian tradition is illuminated by his painting “the Procession of the sacred bull Anubis”?
Frederick Arthur Bridgman is known for his paintings on the theme of the East. At the age of five, he declared that he had decided to become an artist, and at sixteen he dropped out of school and began his career as an engraver for an American banknote company. However, this work soon bored Arthur, and in 1866 he went to Paris to study with the artist and sculptor Jean—Leon Jerome at the School of fine arts. In 1873, he went to North Africa.
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7 masterpieces of the Hermitage that are worth seeing in 2020

Scientists have long proved that art has a beneficial effect on human health, reducing the level of anxiety and stress in the body. This is especially true of fine art and contemplation of the beautiful. Therefore, in order for 2020 to be filled with a favorable state of body and spirit, it is worth visiting the Hermitage and seeing the most famous exhibitions of the Museum.

“The apostles Peter and Paul” by El Greco
El Greco is one of the most striking and original artists. A Greek by birth, he studied painting in Italy in the Studio of the great Titian. From his idol, he learned the oil technique, and was also inspired by the artistic techniques of Italian mannerism. El Greco stood out among his colleagues by the originality of his dramatically expressive style. Continue reading

Hitler’s favorite artist and master of symbolism: Arnold Becklin, who inspired great minds to create masterpieces

One of Adolf Hitler’s favorite masters of painting. The artist who inspired Rachmaninova on the creation of a masterpiece. The great symbolist of the XIX century, who created the unsurpassed “Island of the dead” in 5 versions. This is Arnold Becklin, a Swiss-born artist who rejected the naturalistic tendencies of his time and created a new symbolic mythological direction.
Arnold Becklin (October 16, 1827-January 16, 1901) was an artist whose landscapes and sinister allegories greatly influenced German artists of the late nineteenth century and foreshadowed the symbolism of the twentieth century. Continue reading

Russian portrait artist and US President: how was the "Unfinished portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt written»
Elizabeth Shumatova was a Russian-American artist who created numerous portraits of influential American and European figures throughout the twentieth century. But she is best known for painting an unfinished portrait…


An artist with a genetic mutation paints paintings that have 100 times more color shades than usual
The human eye can distinguish about a million color shades – this is enough to perceive the world in all its diversity. However, there is a rare genetic mutation that…