What caused the official painter of the Napoleonic victories to take his own life: Antoine-Jean Gros
In June 1835, a man's body was fished out of the river Seine in the vicinity of the town of MEUDON. The investigation established the identity and circumstances that led…

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What secrets about the young virgin Mary revealed by a medieval artist:" the Boyhood of our lady " by Surbaran
"The boyhood of the mother of God" is a painting by Francisco de Surbaran from 1658-1660, now in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. An ordinary Spanish girl is actually a…

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How the "Holy family" was depicted by famous painters of the 17th and 18th centuries
The Christmas theme in the painting of the XVII-XVIII centuries was very relevant. This is partly due to the period after the Renaissance (when artistic talents manifested themselves in a…

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Renaissance influenced

How the Golden age changed the world, or what was revived in the Renaissance

Renaissance (Renaissance) – an era that replaced the middle ages and preceded the New time. It is characterized by a sharp jump in the development of all spheres of social life (from science to art), the main vector of which is humanism, anthropocentrism and secularism. The main focus of the Renaissance was on man and his virtues. What are the features of the Renaissance and what geniuses of the Renaissance influenced the era and laid the Foundation of modern art?

The periodical of the Renaissance begins with the XIV century and ends by the XVII century. The Renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature, and art. Continue reading

An artist with a genetic mutation paints paintings that have 100 times more color shades than usual

The human eye can distinguish about a million color shades – this is enough to perceive the world in all its diversity. However, there is a rare genetic mutation that allows you to see up to 100 million colors. People-tetrachromats are born very rarely, and therefore the work of the American artist Concetta Antico arouses such interest. Unfortunately, only people with the same anomaly can fully appreciate the ocean of color raging in her paintings.
Without going into medical and anatomical details, it is very difficult to explain the phenomenon of tetrachromacy. People, the exact number of which, by the way, is not even calculated, have, according to scientists, an additional type of color receptors. It is difficult to find out exactly how many children are born with this mutation, since most tetrachromats may not even notice that they are different from ordinary people. Continue reading

Street art as a provocation: 3D Optical illusions, which are called ” temporary violation of normality»

The art of this artist causes a lot of controversy. Someone calls his work a provocation, someone-unprofessionalism and stupidity. But there are also those who believe that his work is a breakthrough in street art and his creativity should be implemented in all cities of the world, because it is high time to make gray boring buildings more fun. But both opponents and fans of his work agree on one thing: such street art is simply stunning.
Italian artist Manuel Di Rita, also known as peeta, is 39 years old. He was born in Padua, and currently lives in Venice. Pete has been doing graffiti since 1993, and for many years he has participated in jams, festivals and art shows around the world. Continue reading

An artist from Belarus creates mesmerizing hyperrealism landscapes in the best traditions of the classics
There are many talented and amazing artists in the world who amaze the audience with their inexhaustible imagination, a variety of forms, colors, styles, manners, and various techniques. However, the…


As one picture fed the artist all his life: "Everything is in the past." Vasily Maximov
Maximov's painting "Everything in the past" was an exceptional success for the artist. The master wonderfully reflected the idea of the picture on the canvas - it is a longing…