The owner of an old castle painted its walls with fairy-tale flowers: Claire Basler
Who wouldn't want to live in a beautiful fairy-tale castle? French artist Claire Basler managed to make her dream come true. When Claire and her husband bought a dilapidated old…

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Who are the Nazarenes, and why they were considered the most mysterious movement of artists in the name of spirituality
A group of retired art Academies in Vienna occupy an abandoned building in Rome and gain a reputation for their non-standard artistic innovations and unusual appearance (mantle, sandals and long…

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Russian portrait artist and US President: how was the "Unfinished portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt written»
Elizabeth Shumatova was a Russian-American artist who created numerous portraits of influential American and European figures throughout the twentieth century. But she is best known for painting an unfinished portrait…

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General range of the exhibition

Romantic female portraits of a Moscow artist who combined French art Nouveau and Russian realism

Captivating, sentimental, romantic, sensual, graceful, magical, fabulous, divine, incomprehensible, mysterious, charming, mysterious… and this is not the entire list of epithets that can be said about the heroines of paintings by the Moscow artist Vladimir Mukhin. Only an inspired male artist could see and so masterfully create in color all the above-mentioned qualities of the women portrayed.

The theme of women in painting is an eternal burning theme. The feminine principle and sensuality, tenderness and awe, sung by masters of different eras, do not leave indifferent the present. This is confirmed by a huge number of virtual galleries, author’s sites, and blogs hosted on the world wide web. Continue reading

Why a deaf-mute painter of the late middle Ages painted only winter landscapes: Hendrik Averkamp

Many readers often associate the noun “winter” with the adjective “Russian”. Especially when it comes to painting, the names of Russian classical artists Ivan Shishkin, Boris Kustodiev, and Igor Grabar immediately come to mind… But today you will have the opportunity to see an amazing selection of winter landscapes by the Dutch painter Hendrik Averkamp, who worked in the first half of the 17th century,in the late middle ages.Flipping through the biography pages
Avercamp Hendrik, nicknamed “the Mute of Kampen”, (1585-1634), was a Dutch Baroque painter. Hendrik Averkamp was born in Amsterdam, and a year later his family moved to Kampen, where Henrik’s father was appointed city pharmacist. Continue reading

David’s “oath of the Horatii”: what symbols the artist encoded in the Patriotic Manifesto

In 1785, visitors to the Paris salon were shocked by the painting of David – “the Oath of the Horatii”, which later became a masterpiece of Neoclassicism. The canvas contains many remarkable nuances that contain hidden meanings of the artist.
In 1784-1785, David wrote The Horatii Oath and demonstrated it in Rome. The painting immediately became a huge success with critics and the public and remains one of the most famous paintings in the neoclassical style. Only one critic spoke unfavorably about the painting: the French scientist and collector Serou d’agencourt noted that such architecture, which David depicted in the background of the picture, was not in Rome until the time of the Late Empire. Continue reading

As a medieval rebel artist from Korea, watermelons and mice became famous
It was named in honor of the patron Saint of pregnant women and mothers, but the whole life of Sin Saimdang rebelled against the traditional female role. Excellent education, which…


Why did the Peredvizhniki disown the artist Bodarevsky and remove his paintings from the opening day
Peredvizhniki - a special caste of Russian artists who left behind a valuable legacy in the Treasury of world art. Who does not remember the names of the most prominent…