As one picture fed the artist all his life: "Everything is in the past." Vasily Maximov
Maximov's painting "Everything in the past" was an exceptional success for the artist. The master wonderfully reflected the idea of the picture on the canvas - it is a longing…

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Secrets and hidden interpretations of one of the most mysterious paintings: "the Flagellation of Christ" by Piero della Francesca
The fantastic vision and mathematical calculation of the" Flagellation of Christ " by Piero della Francesca made this picture one of the most mysterious in the history of painting. The…

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How one of the richest artists of the XIX century almost ruined the reputation of his own grandson: "Soap bubbles" millet
"Soap bubbles" is a painting by John Everett millet, written in 1886, which became famous for its use in advertising soap. Unremarkable at first glance, the picture hides deep philosophical…

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“Black painting” by deaf Goya-the artist who created the darkest paintings of all time

There is absolutely no one who looks at the works of Goya would remain indifferent or at least not surprised by what he saw. But not everyone will even dare to look at these frescoes. “Black painting” by Francisco Goya was created more than 200 years ago, but still impresses with its fantasticism and horror.
“Black painting” (Spanish: Pinturas negras) is the name of a cycle of 14 frescoes by Francisco Goya, executed on the wall of his house. The artist painted these wall murals between 1819 and 1823. They describe heavy psychological themes that reflect his insanity and dark view of humanity. None of the frescoes were named by Goya himself; art historians independently provided them with names and their own interpretations of each work. Continue reading

Romantic female portraits of a Moscow artist who combined French art Nouveau and Russian realism

Captivating, sentimental, romantic, sensual, graceful, magical, fabulous, divine, incomprehensible, mysterious, charming, mysterious… and this is not the entire list of epithets that can be said about the heroines of paintings by the Moscow artist Vladimir Mukhin. Only an inspired male artist could see and so masterfully create in color all the above-mentioned qualities of the women portrayed.

The theme of women in painting is an eternal burning theme. The feminine principle and sensuality, tenderness and awe, sung by masters of different eras, do not leave indifferent the present. This is confirmed by a huge number of virtual galleries, author’s sites, and blogs hosted on the world wide web. Continue reading

Mystical paintings and sculptures where fiction intertwines with reality: Josephine wall

For several decades, the work of the Englishwoman Josephine wall – the most popular modern artist in the world-has fascinated and inspired fans of her work, called the Art of Imagination. Today, our virtual gallery presents new paintings, as well as exclusive sculptures by a craftswoman from the UK, filled with dreams, dreams and secrets, where the familiar is combined with the amazing, the mundane with the mystical, the real with the fantastic.
Paintings by the English fantasy artist Josephine wall, who has a unique gift-to enliven through canvas and paint the worlds she invented, without exaggeration, can be viewed indefinitely and each time find new and new details.
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As a master from St. Petersburg became a court artist of the English Queen and painted the best portrait of her
The ceremonial portrait of Elizabeth II, painted by Sergei Pavlenko, is considered the best even by the Queen herself. The same portrait is reproduced on commemorative collector's stamps of the…


The theme of the prodigal son in Rembrandt's paintings: the greatest evolution of the master's life and work
Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn was the greatest artist not only of the Dutch Golden age, but of all world art. Known as the" artist of light", Rembrandt used his unsurpassed…