Why a deaf-mute painter of the late middle Ages painted only winter landscapes: Hendrik Averkamp
Many readers often associate the noun "winter" with the adjective "Russian". Especially when it comes to painting, the names of Russian classical artists Ivan Shishkin, Boris Kustodiev, and Igor Grabar…

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How one of the richest artists of the XIX century almost ruined the reputation of his own grandson: "Soap bubbles" millet
"Soap bubbles" is a painting by John Everett millet, written in 1886, which became famous for its use in advertising soap. Unremarkable at first glance, the picture hides deep philosophical…

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What secrets are hidden by the symbolism of Jan van Eyck: "the Madonna of Canon van der pale»
In 15th-century Flanders, the van Eyck brothers were famous for their skill, innovation, and desire for changes in art and for the break with the Gothic that had already occurred…

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Why the picture “Unequal marriage” made a lot of noise, and how it changed society

The audience was delighted with this picture. For this work, the Imperial Academy of arts in St. Petersburg awarded the author the title of Professor (1863), critics perceived this as a victory of new trends in art over the old, but the elderly suitors, who at that time were more than enough, had a difficult time.
Theme of the picture

After the appearance of the painting “Unequal marriage” at the academic exhibition (1862), all Russia began to talk about the artist Pukirev. He began his career with the creation of a masterpiece of Russian realistic art, and later he was not able to create a work that was superior or even equal to the masterpiece “Unequal marriage”. Continue reading

What secrets about the young virgin Mary revealed by a medieval artist:” the Boyhood of our lady ” by Surbaran

“The boyhood of the mother of God” is a painting by Francisco de Surbaran from 1658-1660, now in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. An ordinary Spanish girl is actually a prototype of the young mother of God. And the prototype of the portrait was the artist’s daughter.

About the artist
Francisco de Surbaran (baptised 7 November 1598-27 August 1664) was a Spanish artist known for his religious paintings of monks, nuns and martyrs, as well as still lifes. Surbaran earned the nickname “Spanish Caravaggio” due to the powerful and realistic use of chiaroscuro. This is a unique artist, deeply original, whose work is connected with all the roots of Spain. Continue reading

The mystery of the ancient ceremony in Bridgman's painting: "the Procession of the bull Anubis»:
Frederick Arthur Bridgman is one of the most popular orientalist painters. He created a canvas that takes the viewer back to the times of Ancient Egypt. What secrets of the…


"Black painting" by deaf Goya-the artist who created the darkest paintings of all time
There is absolutely no one who looks at the works of Goya would remain indifferent or at least not surprised by what he saw. But not everyone will even dare…