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A fulfilled prophecy in the life of Marc Chagall: Three women, one of whom is extraordinary

The whole life of Marc Chagall is one continuous flight. He flew in his work and moved from place to place, unable to overcome his wanderlust. He was still very young when the Gypsy prophesied him an extraordinary life and love for three women, but only one of them was to become special, and the other two – the most ordinary. However, the prediction about the end of the artist’s earthly journey in flight also came true.

Marc Chagall was extremely lucky: he met the most extraordinary woman in his youth, when he returned to Vitebsk from St. Petersburg, where he studied at the school of the society for the encouragement of artists, and also studied in the Studio of Govelia Seidenberg and took lessons from Lev Bakst.

He was 22 years old, he saw everything around in bright colors, and the first time he saw Bella Rosenfeld at a party with a mutual friend Thea Brahman, the young artist instantly fell in love. Even at the moment when he was first introduced to the young and charming Bella, Chagall already knew that she would definitely become his wife.
She was very young, but in her the unrecognized genius at that moment saw his own soul, felt such an incredible kinship with her that he had no doubt that this young person was his destiny.

At the time when he was just developing his style, few people believed in his success. Marc Chagall was always in a kind of reverie, and it seemed that his thoughts and dreams were connected only with his paintings, present and future. Others did not take Chagall seriously, and only the young Bella could see in him both talent and strength of spirit. She, like the artist himself, realized that with this man she would be happy.
Bella, the daughter of a rich jeweler, received an excellent education. She was keenly interested in art, studied at Higher women’s courses, and tried to write. Next to her, mark Chagall felt as if he were weightless, and Bella herself did not seem to walk on the ground like all ordinary people, she seemed to fly. In the future, almost all paintings by Marc Chagall will depict his beloved soaring, flying, unearthly.
A year later, the lovers announced themselves as the bride and groom, but soon after the young artist left for Paris. Many familiar couples were perplexed and worried that mark just left Bella. But the bride herself was absolutely calm. She knew that mark couldn’t leave her, that he would come back and make her happy. Moreover, during the four years that the artist was in the French capital, they exchanged letters. Tender, full of love and light sadness caused by separation.
Of course, he returned, and in 1915 Marc Chagall and Bella Rosenfeld became husband and wife, and in 1916 their daughter IDA was born. The artist was perfectly happy. In 1922, the wind of travel again beckoned the artist, and he and his family moved first to Kaunas, then to Berlin and as a result ended up in Paris, which Chagall called “his Vitebsk”.
They lived in France until the First world war, and in June 1941, the steamer carrying Marc Chagall and his wife and daughter docked off the coast of the United States. Only three years later, his extraordinary Muse was gone. After Bella died from complications caused by the flu, the artist did not touch the brush for nine months. He felt no inspiration and saw no color. All these long months merged into one colorless and endless day for him.

Second love that saves you from boredom

Most of all, his daughter IDA, who was already 28 years old, was worried about her father. She knew that her father would wither from loneliness, and without paint and an easel, he might actually die. So she brought the housekeeper, Virginia haggard, who looked so much like Bella Rosenfeld, to her father’s house.

He was older than her by a quarter of a century, but Virginia in that difficult time for the artist was a real salvation for Chagall. No, she had not replaced his beloved Bella, nor could she compare with his only Muse. But the young and full of life beauty gave him a son, David, and was able to awaken in the artist the desire to take up the brush again. However, they were never officially married, and the son had the name of the official husband of the mother, with whom she was not yet divorced.
The Union ended shortly after the family moved to Paris in 1948. Three years later, Virginia simply ran away from the artist, preferring some Belgian photographer Charles Leirens. Son windy beauty, for the sake of a new marriage issued a divorce from her husband, of course, took with her. She and her second husband lived in Belgium, and Marc Chagall’s son later became famous as a musician and composer.

Third and last love

Marc Chagall, shocked by the betrayal, even seriously considered taking his own life, but his daughter came to his aid again. She took care of finding a friend for her father and persuaded Valentina Brodskaya to become a companion for Chagall at least for a while.

Valentina Brodskaya was a member of IDA’s fashion salon, although she was at that time permanently living in London, where she maintained her own fashion salon. She was beautiful, businesslike, and young enough to please the artist. He quickly became attached to his new girlfriend, and Vava, as her family called her, married Marc Chagall on July 12, 1952.
After their honeymoon in Greece, the couple settled in the small town of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, near nice. The third wife of the artist had a steely character and the grip of a real entrepreneur. She skilfully restricted all her husband’s contacts with” unnecessary ” people, including the artist’s children IDA and David, took control of her husband’s correspondence and taught him to appreciate his own talent and work. The artist’s paintings began to sell at a very high price, the family’s wealth grew, and Chagall himself felt quite happy, admitting that in the prison where he now lives, he really likes it.
The only thing that Valentina Brodskaya could not remove from her husband’s life was his love for Bella. She had no control over his heart or soul. But she could not complain about the lack of feelings for herself on the part of the artist. He really loved her, as he had loved Virginia before. But the extraordinary woman was alone in his life, as the Gypsy had once predicted to the young Chagall.

On March 28, 1985, Marc Chagall took the Elevator from the first floor to the second. When the Elevator stopped, the artist’s heart was no longer beating. He died in flight.
None of the famous artists did not convey so simply and accurately the airy, magical feeling of being detached from the earth, which appears during love, as one of the most famous representatives of the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century.Marc Chagall. The artist lived with Bella Rosenfeld for 29 years, until Bella’s tragic death. All this time, he never tired of confessing his love and dedicating his paintings to her. The image of Bella is found in hundreds of works by Chagall.

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