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St. Petersburg landscapes of the modern impressionist Pavel Eskov: A city tearful with downpours
On the pages of our Internet magazine, we continue to discover new names of talented artists of the brush. And today in our virtual gallery you will see the paintings…

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"Black painting" by deaf Goya-the artist who created the darkest paintings of all time
There is absolutely no one who looks at the works of Goya would remain indifferent or at least not surprised by what he saw. But not everyone will even dare…

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How the artist Francisco Goya turned the art world around: "the First of modern»
For innovations in the technique of paintings, obsessive satire of his work and personal belief that the artist's vision is more important than tradition, Goya is often called "the first…

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What caused the official painter of the Napoleonic victories to take his own life: Antoine-Jean Gros

In June 1835, a man’s body was fished out of the river Seine in the vicinity of the town of MEUDON. The investigation established the identity and circumstances that led to this sad incident. The deceased turned out to be the artist Antoine-Jean Gros, the official painter of Napoleon I. after Surviving his main customer and employer for fourteen years, Gros took his own life – when he realized that he had changed the cause of his life.
At the time of his death, he was 64 years old. The life of Antoine-Jean Gros fell on a dramatic and difficult time for France. Continue reading

What secret was hidden for 100 years by the famous painting: “the Lady in the fur Cape»

For more than 100 years, this painting hid the secret of the true author of the canvas. Who painted the stunning $ 26 million painting from the Louvre? A hundred years later, art historians have finally found the true author, but the second secret of the picture – the identity of the model – remains unknown.

The first mystery of the picture is the identity of the heroine
“The lady in the fur Cape” is an oil painting dated 1577-1579. Now stored in the Pollock House Museum in Glasgow. The painting was purchased by sir William Stirling Maxwell in 1853 and is part of a collection of Spanish works that, along with the Pollock House, was donated to the city of Glasgow in 1967 by his granddaughter Ann Maxwell MacDonald. Continue reading

How a practical solution for protecting against drafts turned into an expensive work of art: Tapestry

Tapestries, or rather tapestries, were created because they allowed you to protect yourself from cold and draughts. But this purely practical purpose does not explain the essence of the trellis, because most of these products were in the past real objects of art-objects extremely valuable and expensive. How did these wall carpets earn such a reputation? Continue reading

The owner of an old castle painted its walls with fairy-tale flowers: Claire Basler

Who wouldn’t want to live in a beautiful fairy-tale castle? French artist Claire Basler managed to make her dream come true. When Claire and her husband bought a dilapidated old castle, the Chateau de Beauvoir, in the suburbs of Paris, it was little like a dream. It was Claire who made it into a living fairy tale. She managed it so much that they arrange excursions to the castle – it has become one of the attractions of France.

Claire Basler was born in 1960, in France, in the small town of Vincennes. Since childhood, she loved to draw most of all. No wonder she went to the Paris school of fine arts. During her studies, she often visited the Louvre and could walk there for hours, so much did she admire the Museum’s masterpieces. This determined her vocation and was incredibly inspiring. Continue reading

7 masterpieces of the Hermitage that are worth seeing in 2020

Scientists have long proved that art has a beneficial effect on human health, reducing the level of anxiety and stress in the body. This is especially true of fine art and contemplation of the beautiful. Therefore, in order for 2020 to be filled with a favorable state of body and spirit, it is worth visiting the Hermitage and seeing the most famous exhibitions of the Museum.

“The apostles Peter and Paul” by El Greco
El Greco is one of the most striking and original artists. A Greek by birth, he studied painting in Italy in the Studio of the great Titian. From his idol, he learned the oil technique, and was also inspired by the artistic techniques of Italian mannerism. El Greco stood out among his colleagues by the originality of his dramatically expressive style. Continue reading

What secret was hidden for 100 years by the famous painting: "the Lady in the fur Cape»
For more than 100 years, this painting hid the secret of the true author of the canvas. Who painted the stunning $ 26 million painting from the Louvre? A hundred…


Why a deaf-mute painter of the late middle Ages painted only winter landscapes: Hendrik Averkamp
Many readers often associate the noun "winter" with the adjective "Russian". Especially when it comes to painting, the names of Russian classical artists Ivan Shishkin, Boris Kustodiev, and Igor Grabar…


Street art as a provocation: 3D Optical illusions, which are called " temporary violation of normality»
The art of this artist causes a lot of controversy. Someone calls his work a provocation, someone-unprofessionalism and stupidity. But there are also those who believe that his work is…


Who are the Nazarenes, and why they were considered the most mysterious movement of artists in the name of spirituality
A group of retired art Academies in Vienna occupy an abandoned building in Rome and gain a reputation for their non-standard artistic innovations and unusual appearance (mantle, sandals and long…