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Why the picture "Unequal marriage" made a lot of noise, and how it changed society
The audience was delighted with this picture. For this work, the Imperial Academy of arts in St. Petersburg awarded the author the title of Professor (1863), critics perceived this as…

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The theme of the prodigal son in Rembrandt's paintings: the greatest evolution of the master's life and work
Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn was the greatest artist not only of the Dutch Golden age, but of all world art. Known as the" artist of light", Rembrandt used his unsurpassed…

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Klimt's portrait of a woman: the Story of the most wanted painting found behind the ivy
The famous painting "Portrait of a woman" by the Austrian art Nouveau master Gustav Klimt was discovered 23 years after its theft. The work was created by the artist in…

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Klimt’s portrait of a woman: the Story of the most wanted painting found behind the ivy

The famous painting “Portrait of a woman” by the Austrian art Nouveau master Gustav Klimt was discovered 23 years after its theft. The work was created by the artist in the last years of his life and is reportedly worth about $ 66 million. The painting was stolen in 1997 and was included in the list of the most wanted art objects in Italy.

About the artist
Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was a brilliant Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Viennese art Nouveau movement (Vienna secession). Klimt’s works, known for their complex, overtly sensual paintings and frescoes, cover themes of rebirth, love and death. Klimt’s eclectic range of influences included Egyptian, classical Greek, Byzantine, and medieval styles. Continue reading

An artist from Belarus creates mesmerizing hyperrealism landscapes in the best traditions of the classics

There are many talented and amazing artists in the world who amaze the audience with their inexhaustible imagination, a variety of forms, colors, styles, manners, and various techniques. However, the priority has always been, is and will be “old and good” realism. So, continuing to discover new names, we invite our reader to visit the gallery of stunning paintings by the hyperrealist artist from Belarus – Sergei Trukhan, whose picturesque landscapes are so detailed that they can compete with the photo in their reality of the image.Feeling the irresistible attraction and charm of the magic of the nature of the Belarusian land, Sergei Trukhan in his work turned to the centuries – old genres of painting-landscape and animalistic, where he demonstrated brilliant technical skills. Continue reading

Looking at the world through stained glass: an Israeli artist creates paintings in a unique technique

Each artist has their own concept of creativity. Someone is close to academic painting and classicism, and someone relies on primitivism or abstractionism, while others win the hearts of their own finds in technical and artistic techniques. Today we introduce readers to the work of a modern master of painting, who has a unique style that can not be confused with any other. And so, meet the modern Israeli artist Nathan Brutsky.

In each of his work, Nathan identifies two of the most important aspects for himself. First, it is the power of artistic expression, unique style, technique and amazing quality, and the second — art should give people positive emotions and satisfaction. Continue reading

Why is the consummate Diego Velasquez called ” the artist of Truth»

The significance of his art in the development of world painting is invaluable, and his creative heritage served as a source of inspiration for the outstanding French masters of the XIX century. Kramskoy, Surikov, and Serov sang rave reviews of it. Fans of Spanish art have probably guessed that we are talking about the unsurpassed Diego Velasquez.


The greatest artist of the Spanish school was born in Seville in 1599. He was able to get a good education. From an early age, he grew up an inquisitive and well-trained child, quickly learned to read and from a young age began to collect his own library, which by the end of the artist’s life turned into a monumental collection.Judging by the subject matter of books and manuscripts in this library, Velasquez throughout his life was seriously interested in literature, architecture, history, philosophy, mathematics and astronomy, reading in Latin, Italian and Portuguese. Continue reading

Secret meanings of the masterpiece fresco “Maestro” by Simone Martini, who was called the most famous artist of all time

A disciple of the great founder of the Renaissance Giotto and a favorite of Modigliani-Simone Martini embodied in his work the Sienese artistic principles, introduced many innovations in the art of painting, which became a guiding star for young masters, and also created a truly masterpiece fresco – “Maesta”, about the true meaning of which art historians are still debating today.
Martini’s painting is melodic, symbolic and poetic (influenced by his friendship with the poet Francesco Petrarch). One legend has reached the present day. It is said that Simone Martini painted a portrait of Petrarch’s beautiful lover-Laura. Continue reading

What is true and what is fiction in the story of a loving artist and a million red roses
Alla Pugacheva's song "a Million red roses", created by Raymond Pauls based on poems by Andrey Voznesensky, tells about the love of a poor artist for an actress. The plot…


St. Petersburg landscapes of the modern impressionist Pavel Eskov: A city tearful with downpours
On the pages of our Internet magazine, we continue to discover new names of talented artists of the brush. And today in our virtual gallery you will see the paintings…


Secrets and hidden interpretations of one of the most mysterious paintings: "the Flagellation of Christ" by Piero della Francesca
The fantastic vision and mathematical calculation of the" Flagellation of Christ " by Piero della Francesca made this picture one of the most mysterious in the history of painting. The…


Hidden meanings of a painting by an unknown artist of the middle Ages: "Musicians»
"Musicians" is one of the most famous works of the Master of female semi-figures, which hides the hidden secrets of an unknown painter. The pictured notes are particularly interesting. Who…