Who are the Nazarenes, and why they were considered the most mysterious movement of artists in the name of spirituality
A group of retired art Academies in Vienna occupy an abandoned building in Rome and gain a reputation for their non-standard artistic innovations and unusual appearance (mantle, sandals and long…

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Riddles "Pilgrimage to the island of Kythira" Watteau: Why the artist renamed the painting
On Saturday, August 28, 1717, Antoine Watteau presented a painting for which he was admitted to the French Academy. The canvas depicting a gallant celebration quickly received the approval of…

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What secrets the author of the most expensive painting in the world kept: little-Known facts about Paul Cezanne
Post-impressionist French artist Paul Cezanne is known for his incredibly diverse style of painting, which strongly influenced the abstract art of the XX century. Cezanne is universally recognized as the…

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An artist from Belarus creates mesmerizing hyperrealism landscapes in the best traditions of the classics

There are many talented and amazing artists in the world who amaze the audience with their inexhaustible imagination, a variety of forms, colors, styles, manners, and various techniques. However, the priority has always been, is and will be “old and good” realism. So, continuing to discover new names, we invite our reader to visit the gallery of stunning paintings by the hyperrealist artist from Belarus – Sergei Trukhan, whose picturesque landscapes are so detailed that they can compete with the photo in their reality of the image.Feeling the irresistible attraction and charm of the magic of the nature of the Belarusian land, Sergei Trukhan in his work turned to the centuries – old genres of painting-landscape and animalistic, where he demonstrated brilliant technical skills. Continue reading

What is true and what is fiction in the story of a loving artist and a million red roses

Alla Pugacheva’s song “a Million red roses”, created by Raymond Pauls based on poems by Andrey Voznesensky, tells about the love of a poor artist for an actress. The plot of the song is based on the true story of the Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani, who fell in love with the French actress Marguerite de Sevre.
About the artist
Niko Pirosmani is a primitive artist, self-taught and a real nugget from the people, whose fame spread throughout Georgia after his death. Niko Pirosmani was born in the Georgian village of Mirzaani in a peasant family. His parents were farmers who owned a small vineyard and cattle. Continue reading

Why did the Peredvizhniki disown the artist Bodarevsky and remove his paintings from the opening day

Peredvizhniki – a special caste of Russian artists who left behind a valuable legacy in the Treasury of world art. Who does not remember the names of the most prominent of them. But today I would like to remember the forgotten name of the Peredvizhnik, whom colleagues in the shop considered a complete stranger in their environment. And, if it were the will of some of them, to be a gifted portraitist Bodarevsky Nikolai Kornilievich expelled from the Association. For what he fell into disgrace to his colleagues and why they could not exclude the” negligent ” artist from their ranks-further, in the review. Continue reading

As one picture fed the artist all his life: "Everything is in the past." Vasily Maximov
Maximov's painting "Everything in the past" was an exceptional success for the artist. The master wonderfully reflected the idea of the picture on the canvas - it is a longing…


Klimt's portrait of a woman: the Story of the most wanted painting found behind the ivy
The famous painting "Portrait of a woman" by the Austrian art Nouveau master Gustav Klimt was discovered 23 years after its theft. The work was created by the artist in…