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The secret of the little heroine from the Renoir painting " Girl with a cat»
One of the most famous artists painted a lot of female portraits that have been attracting the attention of art lovers for more than a century and are in the…

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The mystery of the ancient ceremony in Bridgman's painting: "the Procession of the bull Anubis»:
Frederick Arthur Bridgman is one of the most popular orientalist painters. He created a canvas that takes the viewer back to the times of Ancient Egypt. What secrets of the…

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The medieval story of the forbidden love of an artist and model: Raphael and his Fornarina
Perhaps many consider Leonardo da Vinci an artist who hides the most mysterious and curious facts about his paintings and models. What is the famous "Mona Lisa" worth? Not at…

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How the Golden age changed the world, or what was revived in the Renaissance

Renaissance (Renaissance) – an era that replaced the middle ages and preceded the New time. It is characterized by a sharp jump in the development of all spheres of social life (from science to art), the main vector of which is humanism, anthropocentrism and secularism. The main focus of the Renaissance was on man and his virtues. What are the features of the Renaissance and what geniuses of the Renaissance influenced the era and laid the Foundation of modern art?

The periodical of the Renaissance begins with the XIV century and ends by the XVII century. The Renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature, and art. Continue reading

How the world’s most famous paintings were created: Intriguing stories of paintings by great artists

Gregory Landau, a journalist and philosopher, once said: “Art is a dialogue in which the interlocutor is silent.” Painting is a subtle art, allegorical, emotional, giving freedom in interpretation. This is a whole world of unsolved mysteries and unsolved riddles. Let’s try to open the veil of mystery over the history of the creation of the most famous paintings by great artists.

In fact, the artist has two versions of this painting. In this version, George defeats the dragon, which the Beautiful Lady holds by the leash. Continue reading

As a medieval rebel artist from Korea, watermelons and mice became famous

It was named in honor of the patron Saint of pregnant women and mothers, but the whole life of Sin Saimdang rebelled against the traditional female role. Excellent education, which was not due to Korean women in the middle ages, the unspoken role of the head of the family, spiritual practices, poems and paintings… in South Korea, she is considered a national heroine and is decorated with portraits of stamps and banknotes. And her drawings of… watermelons and mice became famous.

Sin Saimdang was born in the XVI century in the ancient and noble family of Penson Sin, which composed legends. The ancestor of this family was considered a sharpshooter, who pleased the first king of Korea with his hunting skills, and the descendants, miraculously – all Koreans named Shin. At birth, the Sin Saimdang called In a Dream. Continue reading

The mystery of the ancient ceremony in Bridgman’s painting: “the Procession of the bull Anubis»:

Frederick Arthur Bridgman is one of the most popular orientalist painters. He created a canvas that takes the viewer back to the times of Ancient Egypt. What secrets of the Egyptian tradition is illuminated by his painting “the Procession of the sacred bull Anubis”?
Frederick Arthur Bridgman is known for his paintings on the theme of the East. At the age of five, he declared that he had decided to become an artist, and at sixteen he dropped out of school and began his career as an engraver for an American banknote company. However, this work soon bored Arthur, and in 1866 he went to Paris to study with the artist and sculptor Jean—Leon Jerome at the School of fine arts. In 1873, he went to North Africa.
The seller of oranges. Continue reading

How the “Holy family” was depicted by famous painters of the 17th and 18th centuries

The Christmas theme in the painting of the XVII-XVIII centuries was very relevant. This is partly due to the period after the Renaissance (when artistic talents manifested themselves in a variety of styles, directions, and interpretations most vividly). Especially interesting is the theme of the Holy family in the works of artists Rembrandt and Pompeo Batoni.

Rembrandt “the Holy family” 1645.
Rembrandt van Rijn was born in 1606. He is one of the most outstanding artists in Europe and the greatest in the Netherlands. His paintings cover a wide range of different genres-portraits, landscapes, religious and historical paintings. In his works, he used chiaroscuro and various lighting and paint techniques. Continue reading

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